Support for Callaway County Law Enforcement and Justice

This fall we worked with Callaway County commissioners to help raise awareness for two propositions on the ballot for Nov. 5, 2019. In full disclosure, we were compensated for the brochure/mailing we created. Regardless of this compensation, undertaking this work brought to light for us how those who serve our county law enforcement and justice need support.

On Nov. 5, please support Propositions 1 and 2 to improve safety, justice and law enforcement in Callaway County. Increases in activities have outgrown our current facilities and support for law enforcement. We can and need to do better for the safety of all, in particular those who serve us, county-wide, to enforce the law and bring justice.

A few important points …

  • The Callaway County Courthouse was built more than 80 years ago. Increases in court activity over the years have left inadequate space and increased risk for victims, attorneys and judges.
  • Approx. 600 individual cases are handled in an average week at the Callaway County courthouse. A new justice center would improve safety and move crowded court activity out of the current courthouse.
  • The current Callaway County jail was built to hold 74 inmates (male and female). Increased criminal activity and arrests has meant the facility has repeatedly exceeded 100 inmates at a time.
  • Callaway County Sheriff’s deputies are compensated up to 51% less per year compared to neighboring Cole and Boone counties and local municipalities. Increased salaries are prudent to retain highly qualified and trained deputies.