5 Things on the Minds of Editors & Publishers

The minds of editors and publishers are constantly spinning with their own creative inspiration and tips sent in by PR professionals, as evidenced by the insight shared by Missy Martinette with LO ProfileEmma Bentley with Columbia Business Times and Beth Bramstedt from Como Living at a Mid-Missouri PRSA Lunch & Learn on Aug. 16.

Here are five things on their minds that PR pros should note:

  1. Great words need great visuals. When pitching a story, think about you how you support the pitch with great photography or videography or with opportunities for great photos and video.
  2. Go after the element of surprise. Put a twist on what’s normal. How can you help a media outlet tell a story in a way that others haven’t thought about?
  3. This about the “people interest” factor when sending photos to local lifestyle publications. Taking a photo of an award winner in your organization? Don’t send a photo with one person when you can send a photo with six (which equals six more people + their following who will potentially get engaged with the publication and expand the publication’s reach).
  4. Fresh photography needed. Publications may use stock photography from time to time, but original, new photos will often trump the stock options. Add value to your media contacts by making great photography assets available to them.
  5. Find the story within the story. The best stories go beyond the surface. Help your media contacts by brainstorming at a deep level to come up with creative, engaging stories that will grab readers.

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  1. Teresa Snow

    Thank you for sharing. I missed the meeting, but find PRSA is a great group to join to learn and make connections.

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