4 Reasons to Hire a PR Consultant with an English Degree

Many companies are discovering the value of hiring a communications professional with a degree in English. Whether it’s in journalism, creative writing or literature, an English degree provides useful skills for understanding and engaging with consumers. It’s no coincidence that the CatchPhrase Communications team members all have backgrounds in English. Here’s why hiring a PR consultant with an English degree will give you an edge over your competition.

We’re storytellers

Market research indicates that customers view the brands they use as characters in the stories they tell about themselves. In other words, stories sell, and telling stories is what English majors do best. We spent our college years breaking down what makes a good story and learning to tell them ourselves. All that practice means we can help customers see how your company fits into the narrative of their lives.

We’re natural communicators

Studying and creating literature requires a great deal of insight into the human psyche. All that time we spend with our noses in classic novels helps us better understand the way people feel and think. That boosted sense of empathy means we’re more in tune with what your customers need, and we can show them how your company will meet those needs.

We edit our own copy

Nothing distracts more from your message than typos in your website and marketing material, so it’s a good thing that English majors are such sticklers for editing. We’ll make sure all of the copy we write for you is polished and error-free. Beyond spelling and punctuation, we also know how to edit our writing to ensure it’s impactful and engaging. And don’t worry — we promise not to correct your grammar during meetings.

We think critically

Problem solving, like it or not, is a big part of public relations and marketing. Whether it’s a matter of introducing your product or service to a new audience or managing some bad press, you need critical thinkers on your team to help your business survive and thrive. While studying literature, journalism and creative writing, we honed our critical-thinking skills to solve complex problems in literature and the real world. As Harry S. Truman said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”